Round C
Equity + Token
  • Deal structure
    Equity + Token
  • Funding Goal
    $ 5000000
  • Round Name
    Round C
  • Valuation
    $ 50000000
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Project Details

Cleo digitizes social and environmental impact by turning ‘good deeds’ into unique digital assets. Leveraging blockchain technology, we ensure transparency and irrefutable proof of execution, thus empowering individuals and organizations to create, track, and showcase their contributions towards a better world.

Cleo is a platform that aligns with the digital-first mindset of modern consumers and businesses, where positive impact is incentivized, measurable, shareable, and verifiable. Our value proposition delivers:

Digitization of Good: Cleo transforms tangible environmental and social contributions into digital assets (NFTs), bringing a traditionally analog process into the digital realm.
Asset Ownership: Users receive a digital proof of their contribution, which can be collected, displayed, or even traded, giving their actions a lasting and tangible presence.
Blockchain Transparency: Cleo guarantees the execution of these ‘good deeds’, providing an immutable, transparent record of impact. This brings a high degree of trust and accountability into the process.

CLEO's Programs

1. Marketing for Good
Here Cleo helps brands offer a real-time 'for good' reward in return for someone's time and attention on corporate content as a part of a brand building or lead generation campaign. We can reduce a brand’s cost per lead and increase engagement whilst contributing to their ESG targets with no additional cost. Cleo also provides a Guaranteed Cost per Lead Programme with a Good Embedded. Watch a 1 minute overview of Marketing for Good by Cleo →
2. Sports for Good
With Cleo, sports clubs can use their digital IP to create fan collectibles. Here, funds go to carbon offsetting to help meet their ESG goals. An overview of Sports for Good →
3. Schools for Good
The Cleo platform will enable schools of all sizes to meet their ESG goals with no additional cost and a whole lot of fun. Cleo turns children's artwork, photography, music or performances into digital assets for their family and friends to collect, where the proceeds go to help the school meet their carbon goals. Like a modern day digital bake sale. Here is a short video explainer →

Highlights (Traction and Case Studies)

Marketing for Good partners: HP, Lenovo, Google, etc.

Schools for Good partners: 50 schools signed up in Q4.

Sports for Good partners: Signed with a massive football club.

Arts for Good partners: Signed with high-profile artists.



Colin Glass, Chairman: Colin has been the Chair/CEO of a number of multinational tech and consumer companies based in Europe, Asia and America. He was recently awarded a Gold Medal by the King of Cambodia.

Jason Sibley, CEO: Jason is a demand generation specialist who has been working with global blue chip clients for over 25 years, including Samsung, IBM, Google, Hewlett Packard. Cleo is Jason’s brainchild.

Peter Smith, COO: Peter is 25 years into an agency career working with global brands delivering marketing campaigns to generate brand preference, demand and ultimately sales.


Karl Hoods: Karl is an expert in the digital space and currently works for the UK government as the Chief Digital and Information Officer in the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Darren Baggert: Darren is a serial investor and founder of earth9, a non-profit designed to help businesses and individuals with carbon mitigation.

Gamil De Chadarevian: Gamil is the founder of Global Impact Solutions Today – a landmark initiative in impact investing and philanthropy to share knowledge and facilitate outcomes between engaged global citizens.


Colin Glass


Jason Sibley


Peter Smith


Round Details

  • Allocation Deadline
  • Deal type
    SAFE Agreement plus token warrant
  • Funding goals
    $ 5000000
  • Valuation
    $ 50000000
  • Minimum/Maximum ticket size
    $ 200k minimum
  • Deal structure
    Equity + Token

Thanks for taking interest on this project. We will contact you soon for more details on how to contribute to this project.