We help disruptors
change the world

GDA Ventures supports the world’s most disruptive technology startups — helping them launch, scale globally, and solve their industries greatest challenges through emerging technology. 

GDA Ventures works with startups and partners in these main sectors:

We work with a variety of blockchain projects including protocols, and utility tokens on top of native networks to provide them with the technical resources, and financial expertise to advance their business to the next stage of their respective roadmaps.

We work with gaming studios, tournament platforms, and everything else in between to pave the way for this exciting revolution in gaming. 

We are excited about the space revolution and on working with cutting edge startups who can accelerate adoption of space exploration, meteor mining and terraforming planets in an  efficient and feasible manner.

We provide strategic capital and resources to companies driving real world change through artificial intelligence & robotics.

As a incubator spotlighting emerging and disruptive technology, our mission is to highlight the innovation that can improve the quality of live for future generations. GDA Ventures actively looks for startups focusing on green or renewable technology to give them the resources they need to achieve their mission and ultimately create a better tomorrow.

In this data-driven era, we know more about our bodies and the world around us then ever before. GDA Ventures welcomes any projects dealing with nano or biotechnology.