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Project Details

Ouinex is a leading edge digital asset exchange; by prioritizing transparency, liquidity, and sophistication, Ouinex delivers an institutional-level trading experience for beginners and experts alike.

📌 Advanced trading functionalities,
📌Complex, multi-faceted order types,
📌Minimal trading fees.
📌A human approach to customer engagement,
📌Enhanced security and regulation.

Key Platform Features

🔹Quality of Price & Execution

Premium exchange with competitive bid-ask spreads, advanced trading functionalities, and faster trading execution.

🔹Variety of Services

Trade with the mobile app, become an ambassador, access premium crypto research, buy and sell trading bots on the bot marketplace, access derivatives trading, and more.

🔹Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service from real human beings, including access to local traders who are experienced with the platform and able to provide live support.

🔹Ambassador Program

Earn $OUIX tokens by becoming an ambassador and answering questions via chat and phone, or organizing local Ouinex investor meetups.

🔹Referral Program

Earn a share of referred users’ commission fees.

🔹Regulation & Security

Regulated in France with a commitment to transparency and safe custody of crypto assets and user deposits.

🔹$OUIX Token

Trade $OUIX pairings and access reduced trading fees and increased referral rewards by holding $OUIX.

Highlights (Partnerships & Market Traction)

Partnerships with Trading brokerages and Trading and stock market influencers, and institutional investors that give Ouinex direct access to millions of potential users all over the world

🔸FC Bourse SAR
🔹15 Countries
🔹300 Introducing Brokers
🔹5 Million Total Followers

🔸Karen Peloille
🔹46,000 Followers of Stock and Crypto
🔹14,600 Subscribers on her Youtube channel
🔹2,000 Paid Subscribers on Discord

🔸OQ Trading International
🔹Trading firm that provides retail services across Latin America (18 Countries)
🔹Expansive network of Introducing Brokers, Money Managers, Affiliates, Influencers, Private Trading Desks and HNWI

🔸Interactive Trading SARL
🔹Trading community with 40,000 HNWI individuals and equity & crypto traders in France
🔹Community led by Rodolphe Steffan: Stock trading media personality with 60K followers on Twitter and 35,000 members on Telegram

🔸MFP Trading
🔹Forex execution trading firm tailored to institutional clientele
🔹Monthly trading volume of $17.5 billion

🔸Danny Mawas
🔹South African trader and media personality
🔹Has a client book of 47,000 active traders
🔹Network of 1,200 introducing brokers affiliates and influencers


🔹Ilies Larbi, CEO: ESCO Europe & Wharton graduate in Economics of Blockchain & Digital Assets. 15+ years of operating experience across financial services and complex regulatory environments.

🔹Jean Pierre Duchens: Informatic Engineer, MBA, MIT graduate in Blockchain with 13+ years of experience developing disruptive technologies, financial technologies, NFTs, DApps, Defi, trading automations and blockchain solutions.

🔹Christophe Le Chevallier: University graduate with a major in finance and 12+ years of experience as CFO for various companies. Extensive experience in change management, with a strong focus on technology and innovation.

🔹Soul Diamonde: 15+ years experience in marketing covering branding, monetization, SEO strategies & Web analytics with a strong focus on business development through affiliate marketing. Currently managing a global network of 1600+ affiliate partners.

🔹Benjamin Verdot: Kedge Business School graduate with an Executive degree in Blockchain Strategy from Oxford, with 12+ years of sales experience in financial markets and an extensive book of institutional HNW investors globally.

🔹Jermone Barthe: Ecole Centrale Paris engineer and MBA from ESCP Europe. 20+ years' of experience in the financial software industry and a comprehensive background working with liquidity providers including stock exchange and security

🔹Dr. Lisa Majmin: PnD in Finance, Imperial College London, MSc in Blockchain & Digital Currencies (enrolled) with 15+ years experience across the banking and hedge fund Industries including market microstructure, machine learning, investor relations and strategy.


Ilies Larbi


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