Private Round
  • Deal structure
  • Funding Goal
    $ 3000000
  • Round Name
    Private Round
  • Valuation
    $ 30000000
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Project Details

Fleamint aims to become the bridge that will revolutionize the Web 2 and Web 3 industries by offering web 3 solutions to web 2 needs.

Fleamint is a dynamic ecosystem that combines a wallet, integrated DEX, and IDO launchpad, bringing self-custody and a range of DeFi ventures into one platform. By consolidating essential digital asset services, Fleamint offers familiar interfaces and a focus on decentralized finance. Users can participate in various DeFi ventures and explore investment opportunities while retaining full control over their assets. The world needs a new business model and Fleamint will be the way to provide it.


🔹Fleamint IDO Launchpad (built in native crowdfunding platform)
🔹Fleamint NFT Marketplace (digital and physical NFTs)
🔹Fleamint Wallet (digital asset financial services)
🔹Fleamint Social Platform (Cross pollinate consumers, creators brands & charities)
🔹Fleamint DEX (built in decentralized exchange)


Market Traction:
🔹All Core Products Fully Developed
🔹$850k through NFT sales
🔹Contract with $600M worth of real estate to tokenize and launch on the blockchain
🔹7 contracts signed from web 2.0 business bring them into Web 3
🔹100 million debt raise as NFT/token debt Chips for property developers (UK & Canada)

Community Traction:
🔹Content Collaborations with: DAO King, G’day Crypto, Fire Hustle, Crypto Pandas, Degenfy, Yada Crypto, Paul Dutton, Arktivak 7K+ interactions across multiple socials. (Youtube, Twitter, Discord, Zealy). 
🔹22k users from Web 2.0 deals 
🔹Discord: 400+ Active members and growing 


🔹James Gillingham | Chief Executive Officer

James Gillingham is a serial entrepreneur and financial expert. He started his career as a trader at Close Brothers Banking Group and quickly advanced to become the youngest ever, ‘Head of desk,’ at the company. At International Asset Management (IAM) he helped manage $4BN USD before starting his first venture, JageroFX. He then went on to set up several companies and scaled them into high-functioning businesses. James founded FINXFLO, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency company that helped traders gain better access, liquidity, and price discovery within the world of crypto exchanges. James left FINXFLO after a $517 Million USD valuation and started his new venture, Fleamint, a company that aims to be the bridge between web 2.0 needs with web 3.0 solutions.

🔹Michael Leitner | Chief Technology Officer

He has launched and managed over $1 billion USD in Total Value Locked (TVL) on the Fantom Blockchain Network, running four different projects. He also built http://redemption.fi/ to provide the DeFi space a DEX that helped all projects with inflation control tools.

🔹Adrian Hawkins | Chief of Staff

Adrian Hawkins has achieved remarkable success as a top billing consultant, leading the most profitable team in the Asia Pacific region. Collaborating with industry giants like Alibaba, Tencent, and Huawei Systems, Adrian's team operated from multiple offices and effectively managed a virtual team of 21 technology consultants across Asia. Throughout his illustrious recruitment career, Adrian has consistently tackled hot topics such as AI, Digital, Analytics, Cybersecurity, Cloud/Data, and now Crypto/NFTs, continuously expanding his expertise and remaining at the forefront of technological advancements.


James Gillingham

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Leitner

Chief Technology Officer

Adrian Hawkins

Chief of Staff

Round Details

  • Allocation Deadline
  • Deal type
    SAFE Agreement plus token warrant
  • Funding goals
    $ 3000000
  • Valuation
    $ 30000000
  • Minimum/Maximum ticket size
    $ 100k minimum
  • Deal structure

Thanks for taking interest on this project. We will contact you soon for more details on how to contribute to this project.